Tona B. Dahlquist Casting


* 20 Older Females (70’s -80’s) Cute scene SENIOR LADIES. All others tell your grandmothers & moms.

Bring them with you for filming.

* 20 Kids.
* 20 Gemstone TV Crew types.
* 10 Gemstone Church Workers.
* 3 Security (Must Have Black Suits/White Shirt)
* 8 Deacons (from our usual group)
* 285 Adult Worshippers (Teens included in this group).

* CHOIR -STAY TUNED -We are waiting to see if ALL (100) are now needed or some. If not needed, we can use some of you for other things on Wed.

SUBMISSIONS (if not already booked for Wednesday)should be sent to with heading 5/22 AVAIL. (Also let us know available return on 5/23 as well)

Please make sure we have your current photo, name, phone, age, height, weight, clothing sizes,