Tona B. Dahlquist Casting

The Righteous Gemstones (Charleston) CHOIR UPDATE…

We are going to be needing MANY Choir members. ALL RACES NEEDED.

The choir we are adding 5/21 MUST be available on 5/23.

Should know how to sing and comfortable dancing/clapping on stage whatever is needed -see the The Righteous Gemstones Trailer for reference.


* MON. 5/20 (only 30 choir total needed) –
Needing several African American Males & Females. Several More Caucasian Males.


* TUES. 5/21 (100 total needed)-
Needing 68 MORE…. 31 Males & 37 Females.


* THURS. 5/23 (100 total )
Needing 73 More -40 Females & 33 more Males.


* MALES must have Black Pants and Black Shoes.
* FEMALES must Black Skirts (to knee or longer) Closed toes shoes can be flats or low heels (as long as they are closed toe) Nude undergarments.


CHOIR SUBMISSIONS Should be sent to to with heading CHOIR.
If not already on file, please include your photos and all information request ( Name, Phone, Age, City/State, Height/Weight, Clothing Sizes, Visible Tattoos and Piercings, Color/Make/Model/Year Vehicle.