Tona B. Dahlquist Casting

MR. MERCEDES (Charleston) Needing TUESDAY 5/21 –

* 10 Pedestrians ( 5 with vehicles) outside Jail.

Cars should be pre 2013 (meaning 2010, 2009, 2005 etc..)

* 6 Sheriffs (3 Males/3 Females)

* 1 Female walking into Church.

* 1 Lutheran Church Clergy.

* 9 Leaving a PTSD Meeting. Some of which are Ex. Military Types. Males & Females.

* 1 Male in Wheelchair. Checking to see if they want a person with their own wheelchair or if props is providing one.

SUBMISSIONS should be sent to with heading 5/21 AVAIL. If not already on file, please include 2 current photos, name, age, phone, city/state you reside, height/weight,closthing sizes, description of visible tattoos and color/make/model/year vehicle.