Tona B. Dahlquist Casting

THE RIGHTEOUS GEMSTONES (Charleston) Needing this week.

Gemstones Submission email


THURS. 5/16
JUST ADDED 4 Control Room Engineers ( 3 Males & 1 Female -1-2 of which should be ethic -African American, Asian, Hispanic/Latino, Indian)
* 2 Security (must have Black Suits)
* 3 Gemstone workers
* 2 Film crew /Stage Hand Male Types


FRI 5/17
* 2 Males -BOSS/SUIT TYPES (Business types)
* 3 Ethnic Males to portray Church Goers.
* 1 Caucasian Male to portray Church Goer.
* 3 Ethnic Girls to portray Church Goers. (ages 10 -15)
* 4 Caucasian Boys ages 10 -14
* 2 Ethnic Boys ages ages 10 -13
* 2 Black Suit Security
* 4 Gemstones Church Workers.


Submissions should be sent to with heading being the date avail. Example 5/17 AVAIL.

If you have already submitted avail for thesedates, you do NOT need to resubmit.

IF NOT ALREADY ON FILE, please include 2 Current Photos (Close up and Full Length which can be taken with a cell phone) Name, Phone Age, City/State you reside, Height/Weight, Clothing Sizes, Description of visible tattoos & piercings, Color/Make/Model/Year Vehicle

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