CASTING CALL (non union)


Written by Grayson Pegram. Directed by Grayson Pegram and Darelle D. Dove

Audition Date: Saturday May 11th 2019

Audition Time: 10am- 12pm

Location: Hughes Main Library. Heritage Green Pl, Greenville, SC 29601

Production Type: Independent

Project length: Short Film (35 minutes)

Production location: Greenville, SC

Shooting Dates: Friday- Sunday. June 21-23 2019

Production Company: Green Glass Capture

Directors: Grayson Pegram and Darelle D. Dove


Compensation: Food and Reel

Synopsis: After a wild party, a group of college kids find a horrendous discovery in their friend’s living room that can put these boys in jail for a long long time. Now confronted with something they wish they hadn’t seen, they must make a decision to do the right thing. But of course they will…right?


Male age 22. Friend of Peter and Adam. Senior in college. Confident, the kind of guy who gets what he wants, knows what he wants to do, and how to get there.

Female age 21. College girl. Pretty and flirtatious girl. Not too wild, just trying to have fun at a party.

Female age 22. Girlfriend of David. College kid at another school out of state. Dating David since high school. Really loves him. Irritated about the time apart.

Male. Age range 28-50. Seems to be intimidating but really just a man doing his job.

Party goers. Talkers, drinkers, dancers


Please come prepared with a 1 minute monologue of your choice, headshot and resume.
**Only David and Jessica sides are available online, here
For other roles please audition in person or email recording of you performing your monologue. Also attach resume, and headshot.
If you can’t make an in person audition for SATURDAY MAY 11 2019, you can submit your audition or monologue online to

Greenville, SC