CASTING CALL- Austin, Texas



Production Title: Blade to the Heat

Production Type: Short Film

In-Class Workshop: April 8th

Production Date: April 11th (flexible)

Production Synopsis: This is a project for the class Directing Workshop at the University of Texas. We will be recreating and filming a selected scene from the play Blade to the Heat. There will be an in-class performance and workshop a few days prior to filming. This project is essentially meant to be a way to build communication skills between talent (you) and a director (me). We will be creating our own interpretation of the selected scene and are free to make any creative choices we see fit.


Pedro: Open Gender. Age 20-30. Open ethnicity. Athletic build. Pedro is an incredibly talented professional boxer, but is uncertain and humble to a fault.

Garnet: Open Gender. Age 20+. Open ethnicity. Garnet is a lively and personable rock musician who does his best to spread positivity.

**Both roles were originally written for men. Because of our freedom to reimagine the scene, however, I will be accepting auditions from people of all genders**

Scene Synopsis: After winning a championship boxing title, Pedro somberly returns to his gym, feeling like his victory was unearned. There he runs into his friend Garnet, who tries to lift his spirits and convince him that he is every bit deserving of his new title of Champion.

Commitment: 3 rehearsals

1 In-class performance and workshop

1 Day of filming

Auditions: By appointment March 29th, 2:00-4:00pm and 5:00-7:00pm

Please email me at if interested. Headshots and resumes are appreciated but not required.

Austin, Texas