Central Casting (Georgia, USA)

Happy Sunday!!

Show: UCP

Date: Monday 3/18

Rate: $94/10

Location: Atlanta

Call Time: 10:30 AM

We are booking MINORS ages 11-15 to play middle schoolers in a new pilot! Elizabeth is in the office and booking today!! If you have a child that is between the ages of 11-15 and appears Hispanic we would love to get them booked!

This posting is for MINORS only!

If your child is registered in our data base call 678-686-2387 to get them booked!

If they are not registered in our data base please send an e-mail to UCP@CENTRALCASTING.COM with the following information
-Childs Name
-Parents Name
– Parents Contact information
– Childs DOB
– Last 4 digits of Social
– If they have GDOL (Georgia Dept of Labor) Number please include that
– Photos of your child

Once you’ve submitted an e-mail with the following information you may call in to the number listed above!