Casting Call

Music Video Shoot – March 23-24, 2019 – Unpaid

Shooting a music video in Wilmington, NC for indie rock band “The Ivory” (Shane Crump of Alesana). This is a low budget/no budget shoot. Food will be provided and you will receive credit. A quick google or YouTube search will yield some results from the Raleigh-based group.

Director: Adam Ferguson

Director of Photography: Ben Woods

First Assistant Director: Jordyn Kennedy

The Film Crew consists of several very experienced local filmmakers, both male and female, with high quality gear that will help make this video something to be proud of. We are shooting on a Canon c300 mkii Cinema Camera with CinePrime lenses, and lots of other fun things that will make this a high quality production. We have some cinematic scenes, under water shots, and band performance shots that are going to make this video a fun one! Looking for a couple of cast members that would love to just come out and be a part of a cool project and make something to be proud of.

I’ve shot one video for this group several years back, which you can see below. Our gear and crew is much more advanced now, but here is an idea of the music genre and also the man male actor, Shane Crump:

We need 2 Caucasian females, 20-25 years old. One with darker features (brown/black hair, dark eyes), and one with lighter features (blonde hair, light eyes). Height not important, but looking for women in good athletic shape.
Female Roles: The scene takes place in a run down hotel room. The two women will arrive at a hotel where they will meet the main cast member (Shane), and seduce him via alcohol and pills. As he loses grip with his consciousness, the women lead him into the hotel bathtub where they will eventually attempt to push him under the water and drown him. The women are intended to be seductive and attractive, dressed provocatively (NO nudity). More information can and will be provided upon submission. Please feel free to ask any questions you may have. If all goes well, you will be needed anywhere around 8 hours (maybe less) on Saturday, March 23rd.

-My Past work-

Music Video:

Short Film Trailer:

Cinematography Reel:

If interested, please submit your headshot/resume/reel to me, Adam, at I will respond to them as soon as possible. I would love to have these cast by the weekend. Submissions open through Monday, March 18. Shoot dates of March 23-24 are solid and will not be moved for any reason.

Please feel free to reach out with any general questions you may have.