Casting Call,

Casting for a short film to shoot March 31st and April 1st in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Please submit a headshot and resume to if interested!

STORY: A woman is interrogated by a pushy man about why she has been missing for months; however, the interrogator becomes incongruous with his questioning.

[LAUREN BARNES] Female, 20s. In love with a man who is accused of kidnapping her. She desperately tries to convince her interrogator that she left willingly with him. When she stumbles over her story, the interrogator become enraged. Lauren quickly surrenders and does what she can to alleviate his frustration. LEAD.

[MICHAEL WILLIAMS/INTERROGATOR] Male, 50s. Plays an oddly unkept police interrogator that seems to have his own agenda. Puts words into Lauren’s mouth as he picks apart her story. When she slips up, Michael gets violent and threatening towards her. LEAD.

[SUSAN] Female, 40s-50s. Member of a search party looking for Lauren Barnes as she hands house flyers door to door. When Susan approaches a rundown home, Susan notices a small detail that helps solve the mystery of Lauren. SUPPORTING.

Winston-Salem, North Carolina