Casting Call

Casting a “Killer Clown” (SUPPORTING ROLE) for a western/ dark comedy student film.


Film Type: Student Film| Non-Union

Crew: Gary Turner Ivey, Director & Writer (Winner of Best Voted Student Film 2018 at the Georgia Film Festival); Pedro Vera, Producer; Ashley B., Casting Director (Casting Director and Director of 2 films accepted in the Georgia Film Festival 2018);

Film Dates/ Locations: March 21 – 24 (Thursday – Sunday) 2019, in Gainesville, GA.

Callbacks Dates/ Locations: February 19th and 21st (Tuesday and Thursday) 5:30pm – 8:30pm; University of North Georgia, Gainesville Campus (NOTE: this is not the main campus in Dahlonega but a satellite campus in Oakwood).
Video Submission Deadline: February 15th 1pm.

Summary: Francisco and Miguel are two cowboys getting revenge on Skinny Bill for the death of their brother. When Skinny Bill escapes they discover him in an abandoned Freak Show, where the two cowboys are challenged to shoot outs with the circus freaks.

Role: [BIG DAN] Supporting role, 30 to 50 years old, Caucasian, Eastern European male, tall, heavy set. Big Dan, a psychopathic and bloodthirsty killer clown, lives in an abandoned Freak Show with his sister and lover Annie Jones, a bearded lady. Although a southern inbreed clown, he is well spoken and loves to ramble. It’s all fun and games until you trespass on his land. NOTE: Southern accent required.
Compensation: Footage for Reels & Film Credit.


Requirements: Must be available for in person callbacks and all film dates. Must able to provide own transportation to and from set. Please do not submit if you do not meet the character or availability requirements.
Subject for the email: “BIG DAN (YOUR NAME) Submission”
Things to provide in body of email submission:
• Full Name
• Age
• Height
• Headshot
• Contact info (cell phone and email)
• Acting Resume
• Reel/ link to reel (if have one)
• Link to your video audition
For your video submissions:
1. Use the script sides attached to this posting.
2. Beginners: Film with a neutral background behind you. Have good lighting. Do not record in a dimly lit room. Best rule of thumb, if there’s a shadow on your face, you need more lighting. Record in a room that provides the best sound quality (no tv, music, conversations, loud traffic, etc. in the background). Have someone else read the other lines to you from off camera. We understand not everyone can afford a professional audition taping, but we ask you do as best as you can for us to see and hear the best of your performance. (Tip: check out videos on filming an audition tape tips if needed).
3. *Everyone: Make a short slate video of your name, height, and age.
4. *For eye line, you may choose to have your eye line either directly aimed at the camera or beside it. We just ask that if you do not have your eye line at the camera, that you at least keep it very close to it so we can see your full face as you perform.
5. *Make two separate videos for each scene. You may also do 2 takes of the same scene if you wish to show different possibilities for the character, but we do ask that you edit the videos together into one video file. If you are unable to edit, then we will only accept 1 video take for each scene, just choose your best one.
If you are uploading your submissions to YouTube or Vimeo, please keep the video as “unlisted” or “only people with link can see” and share the link in the body of your submission email. Or try Google Drive or Drop box and sharing the files in an email. We do not recommend emailing the video files directly to us. Sometimes the files can be too large to send through and never are seen by us. We will not consider you without a video submission.
Submit to:

We wish you all the best of luck and look forward to seeing your auditions!
Casting Director
Ashley B.

Gainesville, Georgia

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