Casting Call

Casting Call for UT Student Short Film (Musical)

Production Title: Garage Rock (Musical)

Independent/Student/Studio: Student

Production Type: Short Film, Musical

Production Format: 2K

Production Location: Austin

Production Start Date: April 14, 2019

Production Wrap Date: April 21, 2019

Production Schedule: 7 shoot days, multiple rehearsals

Producer(s): Agustin Navarro

Writer(s): Hannah Heydinger

Director(s): Quinn Kealey

Other Crew Members: Director of Photography – Noble Walker, Original Songs – Telecom

Synopsis: Charlie is a high school senior and wants nothing more than to impress the lead singer of his older brother’s rock band, Margot. Unfortunately, Charlie is awkward, untalented, and several years younger than she is. Deciding he needs divine intervention to solve his problem, Charlie calls upon the God of rock and roll to make him a musician worthy of Margot’s affection. But in exchange for his newfound abilities to rock out on a guitar, Charlie has to give up his voice. He soon discovers that perhaps talking to the girl you like is much more important than showing off with complicated bar chords.

Character Breakdowns:

Margot Whitmore (Mid 20’s, Any ethnicity, tall, singing role): The lead singer/guitarist of a garage grunge band. She is tall with a flare of “cool” and an effortless sense of authority in every space she’s in. Her dream is to become a musician full-time. Margot is torn between staying comfortable with who she is and taking the leap to love who she could be.
Needs: Strong vocalist preferably with experience singing in a rock style, intermediate or higher skill with a guitar or bass. Willing to dye hair (think punk; bright red, or silver. Can use temporary chalks and dyes).

Charlie Falstead (18, any ethnicity, “normal” guy, singing role): A huge fan of rock and roll, but an awkward and untalented musician. He feels overshadowed by his older brother Mac, whom he loves and looks up to. There is a youthfulness to his spirit, that manifests in a willingness to experience joy, but a lack of confidence and ability to see himself as “grown-up”. He is very much on the cusp of adulthood, searching for meaning.
Needs: Strong vocalist preferably with experience singing in a rock style, intermediate or higher skill with a guitar or bass.

Mac Falstead (Late 20s, any ethnicity, wears eyeliner): Charlie’s older brother, who is trying to teach Charlie to play the guitar. He plays in a band with Margot. A goofy rockstar wannabe, very into scene culture.
Needs: Experience with vocals, drums, or guitar for a band, preferably with a rock style.
The God of Rock and Roll (Voice over only, Radio DJ archetype): A mostly all powerful divine being whose powers are focused on spreading rock and roll to the world. He intervenes in the lives of mortals to bestow upon them musical talent, and occasionally, to teach them a lesson or two.

Notes: For this role please submit an audio sample of you reading something of your choice out loud!

Audition Location: Space Rehearsal and Recording Studio, 7915 Manchaca Rd, Austin, TX

Audition Date: February 18th-February 19th, 2019

Audition Start Time: 12pm

Audition End Time: 3pm

Callbacks: February 20th, 4-6pm, invitation only upon completion of an initial audition.

Note: Auditions at the studio are by appointment. Due to limited time in the space, please submit to the casting email first and we will work out a time slot for you to come in! Times are subject to change.

Paid/Non-paid: Paid (rate TBD)

Other/Additional Compensation: Film Credit, DVD/Digital Copy

Meals/Lodging/Transportation: Meals, snacks, and beverages

Email Address for Cast Submissions:

Special Notes for Potential Cast: Please respond with headshots, resumes, and musical samples (Margot and Charlie: voice & guitar). Include links to music videos or other recorded media if they showcase a musical ability specified in the character description! Due to limited time in the studio for auditions, we will invite you to attend based upon your submission to the email. Sides will be sent out prior to auditions. Thank you so much for your time and energy, and we look forward to hearing from you!