CASTING CALL- Production Title: True Romance Production Type: Live Performance Austin, Texas


CASTING CALL- Austin, Texas


Production Title: True Romance

Production Type: Live Performance

Production Date: March 4th (1 day only)

Production Synopsis: This is a short live performance for the class Directing Workshop at the University of Texas. We will be performing a selected scene from the Movie “True Romance”. The performance will not be recorded or distributed in any way. This project is essentially meant to be a way to build communication skills between talent (you) and a director (me). Actors of little or no experience are more than welcome. Think of this as a way to practice working with a director in an easy-going, low-pressure environment.


Alabama- Lost in life but confident and honest about her feelings. She is unsure of her new job as a call girl.
Clarence- A sporadic and boyish conman, but cares genuinely.

Scene Synopsis: The morning after a terrific first date, Alabama reveals to Clarence that she is a call girl and was paid to be with him. They discuss Alabama’s desire to leave the call girl business and both of their desires to stay with each other.

Commitment: 3 rehearsals prior to performance

Auditions: By appointment February 16th, 3:00-5:00pm

Please email me at if interested. Headshots and resumes are appreciated but not required.

Austin, Texas

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