Casting Call

Garbage Town Musical Film

Elsie Holland ran away from home, leaving only a note to her parents telling them she’s off to Atlantic City to follow her dreams. When Elsie arrives, she’s met by Doris: a woman who chased her own dreams once. She takes pity on Elsie when she finds out she has no place to stay. She not only lets Elsie stay with her, but she also gets her a job at Nicky’s, the speakeasy where she works at herself.

Elsie starts work and meets Francis, the bartender/pianist at Nicky’s. She tries to convince him that they should perform together. He says no, but he’s clearly interested in her. He suggests that she go audition at the boardwalk, where the real gigs are. He shows her the boardwalk at night and they discuss his pessimism versus her optimism and how their perspectives have the same route: not wanting to fail anymore.

Elsie auditions and finally lands a gig. When she performs for the first time, the owner of another more popular speakeasy, Steven Rossi, recruits her. Elsie realizes, a bit too late, he’s no good for her.

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