Casting Call

Independent Short Film


After many mornings of Ashley working up to the sound of her husband coming home late at night. It’s only so long before she confronts him.One day Ashley wakes up and prepares a meal for his last day of living.
Audition Date: Feb 15, 2019 from 9am-5pm

HCC Campus 2811, Hayes Rd, 77082 Houston, TX

Casting Call or Lead Actor/ Actress

[ASHLEY] Female / Short Film / All Ethnicities / 21-35.
Housewife very elegant, that upbeat and has a natural grace to herself. Ashley is the type to smile in your face but talk about you in their head at the same time. Although she is a strong independent woman she is sick of her husband cheating and lying all the time. She refuses to go on living like this. *REQUIREMENT Must be able to speak in a southern accent.

[RAY ] Male / Short film / All Ethnicities / 21-35
Businessman often works during the day and goes “out during the night”. Ray is very self-centered who only cares about himself. He always carries the attitude like the world owes him something. *REQUIREMENT Must be able to speak in a southern accent.

Non -union / Unpaid

Short Film Club, Ariell branch Founder, 832-274-9494,