Casting Call Music Vid concept (drama) Austin, TX


Casting Call

Music Vid concept (drama),

Independent/Student/Studio: Independent

Production Type: Music Video / short film

Production Location: Austin

Production Dates: 2/28/1-3/3/19, subject to change

Production Schedule: 1 day rehearsal, 1-2 days depending on role

Synopsis: music video concept for Middle Child by J. Cole. A friendly child-hood rivalry progressed into a violent vendetta.

Character Breakdowns:


Devon (Male, African-American, 3 actors)

(9-15) a scrawny but resilient adolescent who successfully fights back after being knocked down which captures the attention of drug lord Mr. Gartower.

(17-25) the protégé on route to take over for Mr. Gartower. Lean, growing into muscles/body.

(25-40) Drug lord who is captured by unknown men, athletic build
Victor (Male, African-American, 3 actors)

(9-15) the youngest member of Mr. Gartower’s organization who’s more physical gifted than Devon.

(17-25) Devon’s rival who is relentless to escape Devon’s shadow but fails

(25-40) Drug lord running his own operation now, athletic build
Miles Gartower (Male, all ethnicities, 30-55, supporting role) powerful drug lord who wears tailored suits, a mentor to Devon, athletic build

Extras (5+ needed)
1-3 members of Gartower’s crew witnessing fight between adolescents.
2-5 Devon’s friends, would put their lives on the line for him
2-5 members Victor’s crew counting drug money, weighing bricks, cutting and packaging cocaine, and kidnaps Devon and Devon’s girlfriend

Audition Date: sat 2/9 from 12-3pm subject to change based upon actor availability

Audition Start Time:

Audition End Time: possible additional audition dates 2/16

Other / Additional Compensation: Film Credit, Digital Copy

Meals / Lodging / Transoration: Snacks and Beverages,

Email Address for Cast / Crew Submissions:

Cast submissions will be accepted by 2/13

Special Notes for Potential Cast/Crew: Please make sure to send your headshot and resume if available in your e-mail (will accept JPGs). Audition and rehearsal dates are subject to change to accommodate actor availability.

Austin, Texas

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