Casting Call

A Horror/Comedy Film

Casting For a Lead Actress (Lia) (Below)

As Well As Other Speaking Roles

Captain Miles- (Early to Mid 30’s) Open to Female and Male (Must not take no shit)

Officer Anal (An-neil)- African American (Comic Relief) (Early 20 to Mid 20’s)

Officer Penis (P-Nice)- African American (Mid to Late20’s)

Officer Keith- African American (small part Early to Mid 20’s)

Ms.Parker- Must have a nice body and be comfortable in sexy clothing (Mid 20’s Early 30’s)

Brad (Chelsea’s Boyfriend) – African American (Early 20’s to Mid 20’s) Must be comfortable with Semi Nudity

Chelsea (Brad’s Girlfriend) (Early to Mid 20’s)

Dead Victim- This character has no lines (Female Must be comfortable with having your breast out ($100)

Accuser- Must be 18 or older (male)

Anna Human- Caucasian must be 18 or older 5’6 or smaller

Must be 18 or older

A Horror/Comedy Film

Lia- Co-Lead /Actress must be African American
5’5 or Shorter

Must be comfortable with Semi-nudity

Must be able to play multiple personalities (Sane and Insane)

Must Be Close to Greenville, SC location (This is Non-Paid)

Synopsis: A couple finds themselves in a love triangle with an evil lust doll

If interested send Headshot/Full Body (does not have to be professional, can be done with your cell phone, Slides will be sent to you. If you have a demo that’s fine, if not, that’s ok, not required

Thank You


Please put the role you are going for in the Subject line

Greenville, SC