Casting Call

Story line: Nobody Loves a Genius Child chronicles 24-hours in the life of Lisle Blackbourn, the art world’s newest rising star.

After the appearance of his estranged mother threatens to derail his highly anticipated sophomore exhibition, Lisle takes drastic measures to maintain his credibility among the art world elite.

SOPHIA – 45 to 60 years old, Caucasian female. Decades earlier, the former beauty queen and art historian succumbed to familial pressure, married a wealthy suitor and found herself relegated to the role of housewife. After learning of the recent success of her estranged son, Sophia concocts a desperate scheme to regain her financial independence. SUPPORTING

ANTON – 35 to 50 years old, all ethnicities male. A once auspicious painter himself, Anton grew vindictive toward his more marketable peers, who used their flamboyant public personas to gain attention and fame. After his recent appointment as Editor in Chief at Art Forum Magazine, Anton sets his sights on Lisle and launches a campaign to destroy the art world’s newest it-boy. SUPPORTING

Please submit headshot, resume and demo reel.