Casting Call

4 Day Shoot in April 2019, in Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Please email with a headshot and resume if interested.

STORY: Alan, a 75-year-old man with a poor attitude and vulgar vocabulary, struggles to accept the fact that he’s not the young and healthy man that he used to be after his daughter suggests that he should move into an assisted living home.


[ALAN] Mid 70s. A recent widower, Alan lives alone while getting used to this new way of living/taking care of himself. While doing this he also deals with his declining health and daughter who persists that he should move into an assisted living home. LEAD.

[NAOMI] Mid 20s. Bearing an eccentric and bubbly personality, Naomi is everything that Alan isn’t. Young, health and optimistic. She represents what Alan thinks he is, when in reality, he is the complete opposite. SUPPORTING.

[SARAH] Late 30s to Mid 40s. Daughter of Alan. Works as a nurse and tries to spend as much time with her father as she can. She wants what is best for him, but her father’s stubbornness always creates tension between the two. SUPPORTING.

[BEN] 10. Young son of Sarah. He usually accompanies his mom in her visits to see Alan. For a ten-year-old, he is very used to swearing around the house and excessive drinking due to his visits to see his grandfather. SUPPORTING.

[TED] Mid 20s. Boyfriend of Naomi. Ted is the epitome of the guy that parents wouldn’t want their daughter to date. While extremely friendly, he couldn’t go a weekend without smoking and drinking. SUPPORTING.

Winston-Salem, North Carolina