Casting Call,

Casting for a UNCSA 2nd year film “Dakota” to shoot in Winston-Salem February 23-24. In need of the following roles.

Please submit headshots and resumes to the email if interested!

STORY: When a young woman’s car is hit by a stranger on the day she leaves an abusive boyfriend, she must gain the stranger’s understanding in order to escape her old life for good.


[DAKOTA] 22. Dakota is a tired and rugged 22 year old girl. She has been stuck in an abusive relationship for the past couple years of her life. She’s shut everyone out in her life because of it. She has come to the point in her life where she realizes she needs to get out. In the middle of her escape, she gets in a car wreck. Afraid, she is going to get caught stealing her ex-boyfriend’s car and be brought back to him, she pleads with Tyler, the stranger who hit her.

[TYLER] 19. Tyler is the down to earth, good Samaritan. His wrecking into Dakota’s car was a complete accident. All he wants to do is the right and legal thing and be on his way, but he learns things about Dakota that help him change his mind.

Winston-Salem, North Carolina