TW Cast & Recruit


FEATURED, DIRECTOR PICTURE PICK, WORK DATES TBD (but will fall between Jan 14th and Jan 25th, those submitting must have OPEN availability) AND MUST BE AVAILABLE TO ATTEND A FITTING WED, JAN 16th OR THUR, JAN 17th.

*Pay rate is $64/8hrs plus a $50 picture pick bump, plus a $20 fitting bump.*


African American Female, Ages 30s, with medium complexion (must have complexion similar to that in photo.)

** Those submitting must have open availability Jan 14th-Jan 25th since we do not yet know the official filming date, that said, I think it will likely film before the 23rd, If tentative schedule remains**
SUBJECT: Delroy’s Mom

Pay rate is a guaranteed $64 for up to 8 hrs and time and a half for every hour that exceeds the 8th, plus a $50 featured bump and a $20 bump for attending fitting. Call time could be as early as 5:30am and filming days can last up to 12+ hours so please come prepared.

Those submitting must be able to work AS LOCAL TO THE WILMINGTON, NC AREA!!!

If interested email:

Your email should include the following in list form (If you HAVE NOT sent a general submission for SWAMP THING SEASON ONE):

Two recent photos (we prefer a body and head shot – attached to email), Name, Phone Number, Age, Location (City, State), Height, Weight, Shirt Size, Pant Size, Jacket Size (if applicable,) Dress Size (if applicable,) Shoe Size, AND a Description of any tattoos or piercings.

If you have already sent us a general submission email with ALL of the appropriate information then simply e-mail us with the appropriate subject line and state your availability.