Casting TaylorMade

SPECIAL ABILITY CASTINGS // Various Dates & Shows (see details below & specific links per each casting to apply)

Real Wheelchair Racer w/ Experience
Any Ethnicity
Males & Females
18 – 100 yrs
LOCATION : Atlanta, GA (1 day)
CALL TIME : TBD (early morning call times, scenes are DAYLIGHT dependent)
Rate: $150 / 12 hrs* + $18 Fitting Bump (if you can make it – if not we will fit you the day of)
FILMNG DATE : Tuesday – January 15th
>>> HOW TO APPLY (see link directly below) :

Real Amputee
Any Ethnicity
Males & Females
18-35 yrs
CALL TIME : These scenes are filming OVERNIGHT with approx call times of around 3pm
LOCATION : Newnan, GA *if location / distance from ATL is the only reason you would not be able to attend this booking – please still apply
RATE: $150 / 12 hrs + $15 Gas Bump
*This will be a 1 Day Booking, but due the challenges of the weather we would need you to block out 2 Dates for us just in case. As we get closer to the actual filming we will know which two will be the ones that stick!
-You will be portraying a 1985 “Fair-goer” on a Fall November Night – so you will be able to wear Fall / Winter 80s New York clothing, jackets, etc… you can also wear thermals or long underwear under your costumes
-You will be dead laying on the ground (which will be padded with a yoga mat type of covering on the floor), there will be a group that we select (whom are willing) to have blood splatted on your faces / hands / clothing (that our costumes dept will provide *unless you have things in particular you are willing to use & wash) >>> extra $ bumps of course will apply for those roles blood spattering roles
FILMING DATES : Thursday – January 17th (HOLD) &
Friday – January 18th (PLANNED WORK DATE)
>>> HOW TO APPLY (see link directly below) :