Casting Call

About the Project:

Murder They Screened! is a short comedy horror where two printmaking art college students have to take their creativity to the next level trying to solve a murder mystery happening in their own class. The pressure is on for these students to solve the mystery, before their own secret is revealed.

The script is 5 pages long, we are filming in one location over two half-days, craft services will be provided at the audition and on set.



Since we are students we won’t be able to provide monetary compensation.

However homemade and store bought food will be provided and travel costs can be covered. You will receive credit within the film and on IMBD. A copy of the film will be provided and you will have the option to be added to our group’s contact pool of actors for future projects.

Allergies to makeup and food:

We will be using some SFX and general use makeup on this production for the main cast, if you have any allergies to any specific type of makeup please let us know so we can purchase the right brand for you. The same goes for food!

Main Cast:

Vera – tall, her red hair stands out, her all-grey clothes are marred by ink stains.

Theo – he is on the shorter side, his features are striking and stand out against his plain, ink-stained, clothes and apron

Screaming Death God – tall, imposing, and rocking a death metal aesthetic; SDG radiates brutality

Speaking Extras:

Alexander – a fratty, rich, dude; taking the screenprinting class for credit

Penny – she hates everyone, rough around the edges

Charles – a mild dude, he dresses average

Audition Date:


2pm to 7pm

McMaster College

Columbia, SC 29201

Please email to confirm that you will be coming to the physical audition, we will still accept walk-ins, but it makes things easier.
We will be holding the audition in the McMaster College building, there will be someone at the door to direct you to the room.
We are accepting virtual auditions; please send in a recording reading the role you are auditioning for, an adjustment to your delivery, and a brief overview of any experience you have. If you have a resume and reel that wo

About Us:
I have written and directed two student short films, one of which got into the South Carolina Underground Film Festival. We are part of student media on campus, we have a crew of 10 dedicated students who want to learn and collaborate to make amazing films. We always need actors and our films are constantly being submitted to a rotating list of film festivals.

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