Casting Call


Date of table read: Saturday, January 12, 2019

Time: 1 p.m.

Location: Steele Creek area (actual address TBA)

Readers needed for the table read are as follows (no racial preference as of now):

Dr. Johnson – Male, 40s

Randy – Male, mid 40s

Vanessa – Women, 20s

Two other women – 40s

Narrater (reading the action) – anyone

My videographer, James and I are working on a new short film that I’m directing and before we lock the script, we want to have a table read. We haven’t yet casted for the film, and this wouldn’t necessarily be an audition. It would just be a group of us reading through the script twice, giving feedback, then me and James making any needed revisions and locking the script. Two weeks or less after the first table read, we will hold actual auditions, posting character descriptions, sides, and other important details such as potential shooting dates and more. You do not necessarily have to match any character description for the table read as this is not a formal audition, but if you do match the descriptions, it wouldn’t hurt! All participants will be given the info regarding auditions at the conclusion of the table read and a new post will be made for others.

If you can’t make the table read but would still like to audition in the future, please email us and we will reach out with a confirmation of audition dates/times.

Please let us know in your reply if you’re available for the table read on the 12th of January at 1 pm. Further information will be sent after we receive submissions.


Andrew Smith


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