FEATURE FILM “Emaskulate” casting for the following roles.

Modified Low Budget and Copy, Credit, Meals.

Filming in Charleston, SC March 2019.

Please e-mail softblanketproductions@gmail.com with headshot and role interested in.


“Lacie persuades her new boyfriend Josh to wear a lifelike mask containing features of her exes, causing her to revisit the past and obsess about the future.”

LEAD, 30-35, Caucasian, A lonely props maker that is at heart a hopeless romantic, but is desperate enough to do anything for Lacie, even if it means belittling himself by wearing a mask with features of her ex-boyfriends. He has a lot of love in his heart that’s become toxic over the years from rejections.

SUPPORTING, 40-50, Josh’s boss, has been building props and sets and putting on plays since he was little. Is a wise person but makes mistakes like anyone. Is a mentor for Josh, but has his own troubles he keeps to himself, unless his mistakes from the past can teach someone in the present.

SUPPORTING, 25-35, Caucasian, A sincere and kind person that was hurt by Lacie and won’t let his anger go. Is very stubborn and doesn’t forgive easily.

SUPPORTING, 18-21, Caucasian, a naive theater student that is playing “Josh” in a play, and is very naive, thinking his little life experience fits what Josh what through. Is very easily manipulated and lets his sexual desire get the best of him.

SUPPORTING, 18-21, Caucasian, a theater student playing “Lacie” in a play. Is the opposite of the character she is playing. She isn’t shallow or stubborn, instead is very smart and very mature for her age. Loves playing characters that are the opposite of her.

SUPPORTING, 5-8, Caucasian, the child of Josh and Lacie, is unwanted and has been mostly raised by sitters and daycare workers since Lacie didn’t want him. Once Michael comes into the picture, he finally finds someone he can call “Dad,” and that actually wants him around. Is a child that is trying to just make the most out of his situation.

SUPPORTING, 25-35, Caucasian, spends her time going to bars looking for lookalikes to her exes that broke her heart. Isn’t interested in a relationship, but just intimacy to help fill the holes in her heart.

SUPPORTING, 20-25, a part time student, part time babysitter, who watches Jasper for Lacie when she goes out. Loves children more than adults because they can’t hurt her. She wants to be a Mom herself but hasn’t met the right person yet.