Casting Call

We are now casting for movie, “Blind Trust”. The following roles are presently being cast:

MALONE (Lead) – Very suave pretty boy, age 35 – 40, height 6″0″ – 7″0″ feet, well built / somewhat muscular, weight 200 – 280 lbs. African American, very well dressed ladies man, manicured nails.

YOUNG JACKSON – Around the age of 15 – 17, small to medium frame, caramel complexion, arrogant, in his mind he controls everything. African American.

MATRON – Very stressed out and it eventually shows, age 50 – 55, wears her reading glasses sitting on her nose, hair in a bun, stands around 5″0″, weighing around 100 – 120 lbs…open nationality.

MIA – A boss in her own way, Age 30 – 35, 5″5″ – 6″0″ height, and weight around 125 – 140, open nationality, One of the best friends to the lead female.

DALLAS – Always happy, cheerful person that’s always cheering others up, sometimes airhead, spends her evenings working where it rains paper!!! She is the other best friend to the lead. You never know what she is about to say… Open nationality..

non paid/meal reel credit