Casting Call


Twisted Laurel Productions and Mind Maze Media are currently seeking lead roles to be filled for the film.

“The Blue Ridge Massacre”, a ‘sadistic found footage horror film’, is seeking actors and actresses local to the Tri-Cities region in East Tennessee. The film follows a group of campers as they visit the Blue Ridge Mountains in North Carolina, when a religious sect begins killing and preying on the group. It is based on a true story, loosely, and no director for the film has been revealed. In fact, producers say the director’s identity will be fully hidden, due to the “extreme horrific nature” of the project. Production begins on the project this coming weekend (Friday November 2nd – Sunday November 4th) and long set hours are expected.

Though the film DOES NOT pay, percentages and differed option are given, as well as the IMDb credit/copy and meal incentives. This is a VOLUNTEER production, but we are extremely serious about making an amazing final product. Below is the character breakdowns.

Jesse – age 18-27, brunette or blonde, fun yet mature personality. Gets proposed to during the movie. Lead role.

Summer – age 20-32, blonde, must have extreme acting skills, as the role requires intense scenes to be realistic. Lead role.

Shelby – age 18-25, blonde or brunette. One of the Amish. She is kept hostage in a cabin in the mountains and is extremely backward.

Jannelle – age 30-55, Brunette, very mature. Is the mother to two kids and the older sister to the film’s leads.

Oberman – age 50-70, one of the Amish men. Very backward but very scary.

Please submit your headshot & resume to with the subject line as “MASSACRE” and the role you are submitting for. Crew spots are open as well. Again, we are shooting this the very first weekend of November. Thanks everyone and Goodluck!