Tona B. Dahlquist Casting

REPRISAL (Wilmington) Filming…the storm will come thru fast and furious today. We are filming inside today.

Weather should be clear for FRIDAY 10/12 ext. filming.

STILL needing the following:

MALES MALES MALES….we need Males to portray CLUB GOERS, a BELL HOP, HEAVILY TATTOOED PARTY GOERS (males and females).

Call time most likely after lunch time… do not have official time yet. Filming will last thru the evening hours and go VERY late. Anyone agreeing to film must be available to stay as late as needed -even if that is 4 AM.

Submissions should be sent to with heading FRIDAY 10/12 AVAIL.

If not already on file, please include 2 Current Photos (close up and full length) Name, Phone, Age, City/State you reside, Height/Weight,Clothing Sizes.