Casting Call

“Marny” by Taneka “Pink” Maxwell

Director: Sean Martinez

Location: exact location TBD; Atlanta, GA

Tentative dates: October 6th and 7th

Intended use: short film; proof of concept for film festivals

SAG/Union. Pay is deferred with gas stipend available for those traveling more than 120 miles. Meals and craft services provided. Please send headshot and resume to Please use the name of the role you are interested in as the subject of your email.

STORYLINE: Set in the 1940s South during WW2, a young black girl with a hearing disability discovers she can see ghosts and is visited by a spirit with a life changing message. ‘Marny’ is ‘The Sixth Sense’ meets ‘Get Out’.

(Principal role) 9, female child, black (dark brown complexion), deaf, southern accent, She can see ghosts. She’s very reserved, not as energetic like the typical 9-year-old. Observant and content with not being around other children. Curious and slightly defiant. She communicates with people through sign language and written words but communicates with spirits by speaking.

(Principal) 12, female child, black (medium brown complexion), southern accent, knows sign language

(Principal) 60s, female, white, Appx 5’6-5’8, 140lbs-150lbs, salt and pepper hair, southern accent

(Principal) 60s/70s, female, black, appx 5’3-5’5, 145lbs-160lbs, gray hair, southern accent

(Supporting role) 40, male, black (dark brown complexion), short haircut, appx 6’0-6’1, 180lbs- 200lbs, southern accent

(Supporting role) 60s/70s, male, white, gray hair, long hair, 5’10-6’0, 170lbs-200lbs, southern accent

(Supporting role) 60s/70s, male, black, appx 5’8-5’10, 160lbs-175lbs, deep voice, southern accent

Featured extras

20s, male, 5’5-5’7 150lbs-160lbs black

[MITCHELL] 20s/30s, male, white

[JOHNNY BOY] 12, male child, white

[SADIE] 10, female child, white

[ASL TUTOR] 20s/30s, female, white