The Story of Sally Hemings – Monticello – Case Study video Shoot date: TUE SEPT 11 Monticello, Virginia.

More INFO:

We are a Montreal video company and we are coming to Monticello on September 11th to shoot a video and take photos about the Life of Sally Hemings exhibition in itself at the Monticello house. The video will be used for social media and internal uses only.

Casting: A family of 3 people (1 kid around 10 years old (any gender), + 2 parents (around 40-50 years old)) from different ethnicities (a plus!), who would interact with the exhibits.

Filming and photoshoot will take place in the morning from 7 to 8 AM on the 11th or Sept. 12th. We will have 1 hour, before the museum opens.

Budget : $100 / person

Submission requirements: Please send photos along with below information to catherine@lhibou.com PUT ROLE IN SUBJECT LINE-

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4. Actual Age:
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