**PLEASE SHARE with Friends & Family who are between the ages of 21-40!!**

Shoot Location: NASHVILLE, TN area

**PLEASE DO NOT SUBMIT IF YOU ARE NOT LOCAL or able to be Local to the NASHVILLE, TN AREA!!! (within a reasonable self-drive distance and able to provide own accommodation)

Casting Director: Tina Kerr

Casting Assistant: Michelle Barnett

SHOOT DATES: TUESDAY 8/28/18 and WEDNESDAY 8/29/18. We may be able to book you for one or both dates depending on availability

We only have preliminary Call Times and Wrap Times at this point so you MUST have FULL day available if submitting to be available whatever Call/Wrap Times end up being.
Current TENTATIVE Call Times on both work dates: 1:00pm – 6:00pm. There MAY be a second taping on each of these dates that will shoot from 6:30pm -10:30pm and some of you (who are available/interested) could possibly be asked to stay for the second session.
PAY RATE: $50.00 for up to a 5 hour day. (guaranteed – you will be paid the full 5 hour rate even if the shoot ends up being less than 5 hours, but you should not expect it to be less). If selected for the 2nd session, you would be paid an additional $50 for 5 hours. Payment will be made in CASH.

**AUDIENCE**: Male and Female, all ethnicities, age range 21-60, variety of types, country music fans with great energy
To SUBMIT: email to: nashvilleextras@gmail.com with subject line TV SHOW AUDIENCE. Submissions MUST include ALL of the following: first & last name, contact number, age (so we know if you are over or under 21 years old), height, weight, city you are located in and a RECENT photo taken within the past month. Please specify your 1st choice and 2nd choice of work date or if you are available both dates. We will select the work date that we have available for your type which could be one or both dates. Please also specify if you are available for 1st session only or BOTH sessions (2nd session is not guaranteed to anyone until wrap of 1st session each night so you will be on standby for the evening shoot until your finished your daytime shoot). Do NOT specify 2nd session only as we are not booking that as an option!
Photos MUST be of you alone with no one else in photo, NO sunglasses, NO hats, NO filters and should preferably be taken against a plain/solid color background if possible! NO blurry photos – check the quality of the picture you are submitting before you send it please.

–We will not be sending out booking emails to those selected until possibly as late as Monday 8/27/18 for Tuesday 8/28/18 work date and as late as Tuesday 8/28/18 for Wednesday 8/29/18 work date – so if you submit please keep this work date open until you hear from us!! IF you become unavailable after you have submitted, please send a second email to withdraw your submission so that we can let our Director know you are no longer available. Since this is a Director select project, we will count on you being available if you send us an email submission!

**ONLY BOOKING these roles at this time!! NOT ACCEPTING any other submissions please**