Central Casting (Georgia, USA)

Still looking! Only a few spots left!


**Black Tie Gala**

Date: Friday July 20th

Location: Buckhead area

Rate: $75/8 plus $5 formal bump

Must be registered with Central Casting!

When submitting, you must send a photo of you in your formal Tuxedo or Gown in order to be considered.

Gala Guests- Men and Women, any ethnicity, who look in the late 20’s to 60’s age range, who have their own nice looking full Tuxedo’s and Evening Gowns. Men must have a tuxedo and women must have formal gown. No visible tattoos. Please put “Formal 20” in the subject line.

Gala Guests w/ High End Car- Men and Women, over the age of 18, appear L20s-60s, no visible tattoos, to work with their upscale car (think Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz). Men must have a tuxedo and women must have a formal gown. Cars must be in good condition, no red, white, silver or black vehicles. $50 Car Bump. You must submit a photo of your car, along with the make, model, and year. Please put “Formal Car” in the subject line.

Please send an email to Queenamerica@Centralcasting.com. Thank You!