RiTE Media Casting Call Sci-Fi / Drama Type: Narrative Feature For: Table Read, Friday July 13th in Atlanta, GA


RiTE Media

Casting Call

Title: GROBB

Genre: Sci-Fi / Drama

Type: Narrative Feature

Writer / Director: Ryan Monolopolus Production Company: RiTE Media

For: Table Read, Friday July 13th in Atlanta, GA 11:00am-1:00pm.

Logline: Shonka, a runaway native american boy, finds crash landed aliens that he calls “Grobbs” in the Oklahoma wilderness. After the Grobbs befriend Shonka and his tribe, a mysterious government organization intervenes to capture the aliens – setting in motion an otherworldly pursuit for friendship, justice, and the right to life.

Information: Currently seeking / casting actors for table read happening this Friday July 13th at 11:00am-1:00pm at RiTE media in Atlanta Georgia. The read is unpaid, and will require reading through the part in advance. The read will take place in front of several of Atlanta’s top producers.


NOTE: For the read, ethnicity does not need to be on, but ability to read and empathize for the characters is key.

For submission: Please send headshot, confirmed availability for the date and time, and sample of relevant acting to Grobbmovie@gmail.com .


1) Shonka Sabe: Native American, Male, Age Range 8-12, soft-spoken, thoughtful and curious. Shonka is the misunderstood protagonist who runs away from a violent home to discover the crash landed alien Grobbs.

2) Marshall Freed: Caucasian, Male, Age Range 45-60, grizzled and warn, Oklahoma accent. Marshall Freed leads the investigation into Shonka’s disappearance and has been the Marshall in the town of Pawhuska for a long time. He is stoic and hardened from his life, but has a soft spot for Shonka. [Think the Sheriff from Stranger Things ]

3) Tahgo Sabe: Native American, Male, Age range 35-45, abusive, very layered, has a redemption arc, Shonka’s father. Tahgo is a man who struggles with alcohol and raising his son after his wife left him, tangled with losing his native identity in a rapidly modernizing world.

4) Bram: Native American, Male, Age range 35-45, noble, friendly, Tahgo’s best friend. Tahgo is a kindly man who raises horses in rural Oklahoma, he lives next door to Tahgo, his best friend.

5) Mindi: Native American, Female, Age range 65-85, wise, tribal elder, very loving. Mindi has seen it all, and is a grandmother figure to many of the natives in the Tribe, commanding respect and very much in tune with her native identity.

6) Trevor: Caucasian, Male, Age range 8-12, confident, bully to Shonka. Trevor is a local bully who picks on Shonka.

7) Nuiko: Native American, Age Range 8-12, Shonka’s best friend. Niuko is brave, amiable and high energy.

8) Agent Stone: Any ethnicity, Age Range 35-60, Shady, well composed, Head of Mysterious Government agency. Agent Stone is after the Grobbling and their mysterious technology – and is willing to go all out to get what he wants.

Thank you for your time and consideration. Ryan Monolopolus

Writer / Director Grobb grobbmovie@gmail.com