Casting Call

Production Title

Ukulele of Death

Project Length:

Student Short Film, 5 – 9 minutes


A girl band will do anything it takes to win their local battle of the bands.
Kate Kahle
Audition Location:
KD Studios
2600 North Stemmons Freeway, Suite 117, Dallas, TX 75207
Audition Time:
June 29th, 2018

Character Descriptions:

[Female] [15-18] [any race]
A young woman with dark hair and a lot of cynical sass.
Main character who is devoted to her music and her friends, and willing to do whatever it takes to be recognized.

[Female] [15-18] [any race]
Young woman with short hair
Character with a cynical sass, who is devoted to her friends. More of a follower than a leader she goes along with her friends on everything and sometimes hides elements of her true self.

[Female] [15-18] [any race]
Young woman with a bubbly air about her.
Kathleen loves her friends, but is an independent person. She is very positive and likes to look on the bright side, but she is a little ditzy

Woman taller than 5’8”, slim build, dark hair.
An evil trickster.

[14-35] [Any ethnicity]
Willing to be splattered with prop blood.
[1 more female extra willing to say a few short lines] [14-18] [Any ethnicity]