Central Casting (Louisiana)

*** “TROUPE ZERO” – Filming in Jean Lafitte, LA – Thursday, June 21st ***

** $94/10 hour BACKGROUND RATE**

Do you have a closet full of 1970s clothing that you’ve been itching to wear?? Join us on Troupe Zero!

If you’ve worked in the town of Wiggly previously, you can work again!

WIGGLY FOLKS: Currently casting men and women (18 + years, any ethnicity) to portray residents of a small Georgia town called Wiggly! Due to vintage size restrictions, women please do not submit if you wear a size larger than 10 and men, please do not submit if you wear a coat size larger than 44. If you have 1970’s clothes, please include those photos in your email submission.

Please keep in mind that this is a period piece set in the 1970s: unnatural hair color, ultra-modern haircuts and braces will NOT be considered!

Please send the following to Zero@CentralCasting.com :
• CURRENT photo(s) of yourself
• Legal name
• Phone number
• Location
• List ALL measurements (including height, weight, and shoe size).
• Notate the WIGGLY in the subject line!

1). Please face the camera.
2). Only clear and well-lit photos will be considered.
3). Absolutely NO filters!

You MUST BE registered with Central Casting to be booked on this project!

Registration details and required documents can be found on our website: