*Short Film serving as a Senior Capstone for Katey Maughon, a student at the Univeristy of North Georgia.

Production Dates: June 18th, July 2nd & 8th, 2018

Production Location: Northeast Georgia Area

Storyline: Hailey relives her violent past while talking with her therapist.

Film Format: HD Video



HAILEY 6-8, Caucasian female. She has just lost everything, but through her innocence she has hope in her eyes. Shy and reserved, does not know how to handle stress and shuts down as a defense mechanism.
Brown hair and brown eyes preferred to match the older Hailey (already casted).
Must be comfortable witnessing a fight scene.

DAD 24-26, Caucasian male. Rough around the edges, wants to be in control at all times. Drug addict with severe anger problems. Dark hair and tattoos preferred.

MOM 24-26, Caucasian female. Her desire to be a mother does not outweigh her desire to beat her addictions. Will always be loyal to her husband no matter how abusive he can be, thinks he is the only one who will love her. Dark hair and brown eyes preferred.

BRAD 27-32, (Foster Dad) Any ethnicity, male. Charming, welcoming and trendy. Will invest in the idea of children to appease his wife.

JAMIE 27-32, (Foster Mom) Any ethnicity, female. Nurturer, caring, compassionate, and trendy. Wants to do her best to prove to Hailey that she can trust people again.

Audition Schedule: Auditions will be held in mid-June in the Oakwood area. Details will be made known to fitting candidates. Self-tapes are a possibility depending on the role.

COMPENSATION: UNPAID, meals provided, IMDB credit and a copy of the film for the actor’s reel.
For consideration, please send the following information to Ethell Nunez-Suazo, Casting Director, at

-Reel or Clip of previous work

-Your General Location (Atlanta local, Oakwood local, etc.)

**Please enter the CHARACTER NAME you wish to be considered for in the Subject Line.**

ONLY Georgia Local, Non-SAG actors need apply.

Please direct further questions to the above email address.


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