Casting female leads for animated short horror film:

“Her Lips are Mine”

Sandy thought escaping deformed from her captor was bad enough, but after she meets the women whose body parts she now has attached to her, she realizes that her nightmare is just beginning.

The film will be completely animated so this will be voice over only, and the characters will be animated based on the actors cast in terms of likeness and look and everything.

Ideally I’m looking for actors that can work in Charleston, SC but we can figure something out remotely if cast and you don’t live in Charleston.

Character breakdowns:

SANDY, early to late 20s. Once very confident but now extremely vulnerable and more self conscious than ever. Has parts of other people on her, knows she needs to be grateful she’s alive but wishes she was dead at the same time. Just wants things to be the way they were but she knows that can’t be, so she’s trying to figure out how to exist in this world. LEAD

KATHLEEN, early to late 20s. Extremely perky and friendly but there is possessiveness and obsessiveness under that, and will do anything to get what she wants. Doesn’t want to give up on her deformed girlfriend Emily, but knowing her lips are on Sandy, it gives her the blind drive to get them back, thinking the past will be restored. LEAD

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City/State of Casting Call: Charleston, South Carolina

– Ken Cohen