Casting Call

Resurget – Dark Psychological Short Film Casting Call in Raleigh, NC

This is a proof-concept-short for a developing feature film titled: “Resurget.”

–We’re in need of casting one main role, and three smaller roles

Genre: Psychological, Drama, Thriller

Title: Resurget

Production Type: Independent/Student

Synopsis: A group of researchers discover a way to transfer consciousness from one person to another, but go too far and awaken something unearthly after a transfer goes awry.

Director: Will Roberts


Email Will with your resume and some photos to receive the audition sides for each role. Please specify which roles you are interested in.

We are currently only accepting video auditions.

There are currently no established shooting dates, but ideally we will be shooting the weekend of June 1-3.
Submission Deadline: May 28th at 7:00pm

Compensation: Small payment, food on set, IMDb credit

Character Descriptions:

Robert: (Protagonist)
Robert is an amateur researcher whose mission is to find a way to waken comatose patients. As the creator of the experiment, he came up with the concept and is the one who ventures into the minds of the patients. Robert is a nice person who wants to help others in the name of science.

Dan: (Supporting)
Dan is an amateur researcher who is helping Robert in his mission to find a solution. Dan is the operator of the machine that sends Robert into the minds of the patients. He controls the machine monitors what Robert sees inside the patients Conscious.

Eric: (Supporting)
Eric is a researcher who is assisting the two in their findings. He is the brains behind the experiment, he’s the intelligent one who has the specific medical knowledge about the regions of the brain.

Preston: (Supporting)
Preston is the patient whose mind the story is taking place in. Preston has been in a coma for 12 years and hasn’t come out. He is seen in his conscious scared of a parasitic creature that has mentally and physically taken over his mind.

Thank you for your time, and I look forward to hearing from everyone!
– Will Roberts