Casting Leads for a Short Film in Winston-Salem, NC

Casting Lead Roles for a student film at UNCSA to be shot in the fall of 2018.

JODIE (16): Jodie is an honor student who’s focus is getting out of her small town and leaving her mother’s grasp. She loves playing the flute and hopes to eventually play music full-time. She’s sarcastic, but can be sweet around the right people. She’s smart as a whip and naive about her future away from her mother.

Of course, a pregnancy throws a wrench in these plans, which makes telling her mother even more difficult. However, Jodie discovers that she does have a support system. She gets to finally just be a teenager and know that she can count on her mother.

HOLLY (33): Holly is a single mom who had her daughter, Jodie, at age seventeen. She still acts like she’s seventeen, however. She has worked her whole life to feed her daughter, and keep a roof over their heads. Holly feels like her life has past her by, and in that, her daughter’s life has past her by, too.

When Holly discovers a pregnancy test, she realizes that she hasn’t been a mother for her daughter. She becomes the support that Jodie desperately needs, and Holly learns that being her mother is more important than being young.

LANCE (16): Lance is a high school jock – he plays just about all of them. He’s a pretty smart kid, though, and he cares quite a bit about his girlfriend, Jodie. His only issue is finding time for everything he needs to do. Lance is trying to reach out to his girlfriend, though it seems that they’re drifting further and further apart. He knows that something is amiss with Jodie, but doesn’t know until the final moments of the film that he’s going to be a father.

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