Casting Call PSA COMMERCIAL Atlanta, GA


Casting Call


PSA – In Space (green screen)
BOP TV (skit #3)


Character B is in space (via green screen) as she’s influence with the floating objects of BopTV channels.

Character B
What are those things?

Character A
Those things! Oh, they are Bop-TV’s channels, and their goals are to show people of color in a positive light.

Character B
It’s about time that we finally have a network that shows black people in a positive light. What are the different channels?

Character A pulls down a floating channel from the floating Bop-TV objects.

Character A
Okay, that’s the food channel, it talks about the healthy Food we should eat. That’s the TV-Shows channel, the shows on there are amazing! And this is the Bop-TV radio channel, would you like to see how it works?

Character B
Oh Yeah, this is exciting.

Character A pulls down the floating Radio Channel in front of them.

Character A
Click on it.

Character B click on the icon in front of her, behind her the Radio Channel is playing. Character B looks behind her impressed with what she sees.

Character B
Oh wow, this is so kool, [out of character] Oh my god, my sister is going to love this FOR REAL!

The Director interrupts the set as he calls cut. The green screen appears in the background revealing the studio set as the floating objects disappear.


Cut! For the 19th time, you’re not following the script.

Character B and Character A pick up their script from the floor.
Character A looks over the line again.

Character B
Oh, I’m sorry, My bad, I got carry away.

Okay, here we go again. Take 20 coming up.

Character A throws her script in the air in disgust.

Character A
Another Take? Oh hell no, [Character A leaves the set]