Tona B. Dahlquist Casting

Mr. Mercedes (Charleston SC). Needing Next Week:

MONDAY 5/14 -5 Hodges Neighbors with cars.

TUESDAY 5/15 -10 Book Store Side Walk extras, 10 F. K. Neighbors with vehicles, 5 Hodges Neighbors with Vehicles.
WED 5/16 -REAL EMTS, Police Officers, Detectives, CSI, 10 Hodges Neighbors with car.

THURSDAY 5/17 -NEW HOSPITAL GROUP -Not seen regularly in previous Hospital scenes -DRs., Nurses , Receptionist, Visitors, Family, Visitors. REAL MEDICAL experience a bonus.

FRIDAY 5/18 -ER HOSPITAL -Doctors, Nurses, Orderlies, Patients, Visitors. Drs. & Nurses with ER Experience a bonus!
Submissions should be sent to with heading being the date or dates you are available.

If you have already submitted for next week -do not re submit.

Please include actual Medical, CSI, Law enforcement, EMT experience if you have such in your submission.

If not currently in this email address casting files -please include the following: 2 Current Photos (Full length and close up), Name, Age, Phone, Height/weight,Clothing Sizes, City/State you reside, Color/Make/Model Year vehicle, Description of any visible tattoos and piercings.