Grant Lafferty Productions

Extras Needed

Genre: Neo-Western/ Modern Western

Synopsis: A short film in the neo-western genre revolving around the fractured relationship between a father and his son during a time of ever-present danger imposed by an unpredictable and unstable antagonist.

Production Type: Independent

Director: Grant Lafferty

Producer: Grant Lafferty


IMDB credit, social media promotion, travel compensation and food on set will all be provided.

Extras needed for minor roles such as wife to the main character for one scene, as well as two males for roles of law enforcement officers in a brief scene.

In need for a female actress, age range 35-50, to play wife of main character for one brief scene.

Two male actors to play law enforcement officers, preferably age 21+.

The film will be shot in Randolph County, NC in order to be immersed in the secluded environment of which these characters reside in the film.