Tona B. Dahlquist Casting

MR. MERCEDES (Charleston, SC) THIS coming week at a glance…

Please note dates are always subject to change.

MONDAY 5/7 -still needing 2 police officers and 2 male diner/bar patrons.
Submit with heading 5/7 AVAIL.


TUESDAY 5/8 -5 Neighbors with cars (AL’s neighbors -lower middle class neighborhood. No high end vehicles. 1995 -2012 -no white or red.
Submit with heading 5/9 AVAIL..


WEDNESDAY 5/9 – Hospital ER… 3 new Doctors, 2 new Nurses (should not be any we have seen a lot). 2 Matching EMT’s from previous scene. If these 2 are not available we will re cast 2 EMTs. Broken Arm boy -booked already, Older female -booked already.
Submit with heading 5/9 AVAIL.


THURSDAY 5/10 – 8 Nurse, 4 Doctors, 3 Orderlies, 3 Patients, 6 Visitors (can use some we have seen before but should also add some new faces) 5 CO WORKERS (business types) with cars..2000-2013 no white or red vehicles.
Submit with heading 5/10 AVAIL.


FRIDAY 5/11 – 5 Hodges Neighbors with cars.
Submit with heading 5/11 AVAIL.


Submissions (if not already on file) should include 2 current photos (close up and full length), Name, Age, Phone, Height/Weight,Clothing Sizes, City/State you reside, Color/make/model/year vehicle, description of any visible tattoos and piercings.