Casting Call

Actors Needed for Web Series Pilot

Rock, Groove and Jam! is looking for non-union actors for a webisodes pilot. The pilot will be used to raise funds for six seasons. Snacks and meals provided during pilot production dates.

Important Dates (2018):

Deadline to submit information: Friday (5/11)

Notification of audition date sent to actor: Friday (5/18)

Audition Dates (invitation only; Time TBD):

Saturday (6/2)

Sunday (6/3)

Shooting Dates: Friday (10/12) – Sunday (10/14)

You must answer Yes to the following questions, otherwise, there is no need to submit information:

I am available to audition on either Saturday (6/2) or Sunday

(6/3) in Raleigh, North Carolina; Times to be confirmed

I am willing to pay for my own travel expenses (if needed)

I am willing to not be paid for this project; however, I
understand I will receive credit and a DVD copy for my resume

I am available to resume my role in late 2019 if needed (and my
schedule permits).
If my schedule does not permit, I will alert the casting committee as soon as I am contacted.

If you answered Yes, send email to with the following information:

NOTE: Subject Line: Casting for RGJ Presents Webisodes – Pilot

Most recent photo

One-minute videotape of performance

Resume (includes email address and phone number)

Role(s) interested in applying