Tona B. Dahlquist Casting



5/2 WEDNESDAY – 3 -4 UPSCALE Neighbors with high end vehicles. (2005-2013 -no white or red). These folks will also work the Park Scene as well. Need several to be MALE.
6 MALES -ages 19 – 50 to work as Park Visitors.
Submitting Featured Vendor photos this morning. Should have selection by early afternoon.


5/3 THURSDAY – Needing 5– 6 MALES ages 21 -40’s to portray Bar/Diner Patrons. Needing EXPERIENCED Bar and Diner type Wait Staff.


5/4 FRIDAY -Still taking submissions for the 3 Asian Males to portray Chinese Businessmen (Featured Role). ALSO needing 3 ACTUAL Nurses to portray Surgical prep Nurses…expereinced as such a Bonus.


Submissions or avail message if already on file should be sent to with heading being the date you are available/submitting for.

If you have yet to submit your photos and information, please include the following:
2 Current photos( full length and closer up) Name, Phone, Age, Height/Weight,Clothing Sizes, City/State you reside, Description and location of visible tattoos, Color/Make/Model/Year vehicles you drive.