Crew Call

Atlanta Based Horror Film Looking For Crew With Equipment

Atlanta-based horror film “Becky” follows the story of a woman thinking shes found the perfect life alongside her boyfriend, until his ex reveals a dark secret literally living inside of him. We currently are looking for a crew member with the following:

Arri SoftbankTungsten 5 Light Kit
Slider(Tripod Attachment)
Dolly Kit

I believe in being upfront and honest so here we go. I am funding this film myself for $5000 and intend to sell at AFM this. I believe in achieving high goals, I’ve done in other media areans and intend to do it again. These pieces are required because this is what my crew has said they require. If willing to come aboard with all of these needed pieces, my payment for 8 days will be $400. Please email for more information and my credentials.

Thank you!