Tona B. Dahlquist Casting

Mr. Mercedes (Charleston, SC) Needing WED. 5/2.

5 Upscale neighbors with nice vehicles (2005-2013 -no white or red). These 5 will also work in the park scene as park visitors.

2 More Park visitors with BIKES…must be able to bring their bike and ride it.

1 African American Male with Fishing gear.

1 Featured cart Vendor ( Hispanic/Latino Male or Female, Caucasian or African American Male or Female)…we have many caucasian female submissions already for the day to pull from.

Several more park visitor options 20’s -early 40’s. ALL RACES, MALES AND FEMALES.

Last call for this interested in submitting for filming on WEDNESDAY 5/2.

Submissions (and or avail messages if already on file) should be sent to with heading 5/2 PARK.
If not already on file in this email account -please send two current photos, Name, Age, Phone, Height/Weight,Clothing Sizes, City/State you reside, description of any visible tattoos and color/make/model/year vehicle you drive.