Marinella Hume Casting Atlanta

Are you between the age of 25-40 years old.

Clean shaven, corporate look, NICE/FITTED BUSINESS SUITS???

Nice hair cuts,
No lines, no dreads, no braids, no ponytails.

See photos:
Need (5) young power men with great suits, clean shaven for seven days.

Must be available all days listed
Rate: $100/8

April Dates: Mon 4/30
Tues: 5/1
Mon 5/21
Tues 5/22
Wed 5/23
Thurs 5/24
Fri 5/25
Must have nice fitted/tailored suits see photos

Put on your suits and submit with sign with todays date. These are the only photos we are accepting.
This allows us to see you have corporate attire requested and are not photos or wardrobe used from a professional photos shoot. Have someone take (3) full length photos of you in your suits and shoes holding a sign with todays date.

See submission example

Subject Line: POWER Male (7days)