Horse Creek Productions

Casting for SC feature horror film

Horse Creek Productions is seeking strong actors for a feature horror film to be shot in South Carolina in October.
Roles casting are:

Cassie (age range 18-22) High school student who is into photography and has an obsession with Nuns. She is pretty but does not flaunt her looks. Needs to be a strong actor, with great expressions, and have a good scream. The “final girl” of the film.

Lisa (20-25) is the older sister of Cassie. College student, typical pretty girl type, older sister type, family favorite…the “Marsha”
to Cassie’s “Jan”.

Ricky (20-25) Boyfriend of Lisa. Typical “bro” type. Only interested in partying. College student with Lisa and is a good looking guy who takes care of how he looks.

Turner (20-25) Best friends with Ricky. Not a “bro” but a bit of a follower. Smarter than he pretends to be and likes the younger sister Cassie. A bit of a scaredy cat.

This is a PAID, NON-UNION shoot. There will be a daily rate, accommodations, meals, credit, etc…however, we want hungry actors that would do it for free if it were not paying. Dedication is a must. Leave the diva attitudes at home. Be easy to get along with.

We will be working in a dirty, dark, and dusty jail so please do not have any issues with that. We want actors that would travel to film festivals and special screenings with the film and have a strong social media presence to help promote the us film too.

The shoot will take place around October 6-14 and a possible early weekend shoot could happen before or after that date. If you have any issues with being available on those days, please do not apply.

Would like to see a recent headshot and video reel, video audition, etc to determine if we would like to see you in person. Very fun and laid back atmosphere on set with a small, tight working crew.

Please send resume, headshots, and links to reels to

To help us with the volume of emails, please do not send additional emails asking of the status please. And please do not submit if you do not fit in the age range posted. We will contact you if/when we want to set up an in person audition.

Thank you!