Music Video Casting Wilmington NC

Extras needed for wilmington student short

Copperhead Production

Casting Call

Production Title: InnerCell
Union/Non-Union: Non-Union
Production Type: Psychedelic rock
Project Length: 2 days (8am – 4pm)
Project Format: 4 min Music Video
Posted on: April 21, 2018
Production Location: Wilmington, Carolina Beach
Production Company: Copperhead Production
Director: Chris Robertson
Audition Type: Online (headshot and full-length) Cellphone photos are fine.
Shooting Location: Wilmington, Carolina Beach
Shooting Dates: April 23, 2018. April 30, 2018.
Email to:
Compensation: No pay. Credited

3 Extras all together
2 men
1 woman
Any type of look is fine but you must be 18 years or older


Auditions: Accepted Immediately
Shooting begins: 8:00am April 23,2018
Shooting ends: 4:00pm April 30, 2018

Deep inside a secluded forest we see a woman running for her life… oops she trips. The moon pours through cracks of the tightly knitted trees, we see a man closely follow. The woman comes to a fork in the road and goes left. The man trails behind calmly following her every move from yards away. At the edge of the forest there is a small wooden cabin. Out of the woods the frightened damsel flees. She enters the cabin unharmed. The man in the woods exits the woods and approaches the cabin. He sniffs the night air….warm blood is nearby. The man *cough* Vampire enters the cabin to find himself surrounded by cultist and the woman. They are each armed with a weapon and a cross. A Last stand attempt and we see the Vampire lung for the girl. She is quickly given a wooden stake by one of the cultist and jabs it through the Vamps heart. Another through his head and that seals the deal….he is dead.

This is a dark, bloody and mysterious Vampire music video. If you’re uncomfortable with blood and the woods this is not the video for you.

We are looking for three people to play the Cultist. We will need two guys and one girl. 18 and older please. No specific look so don’t be shy to submit. The entire video is M.O.S so no Dialogue but these are pivotal roles in the film WE NEED THEM TO MAKE THIS WORK.

Part of the costumes will be provided but we will need you to provide and wear all black pants and a black shirt. Preferably with no logo or text but we can get around the small stuff.

Please get submissions in ASAP, we begin shooting on Monday. Thank you all for your submissions and Good luck.