2018 Bald Head Island Ghost Walk and Seasonal Employee

Show Synopsis:

Stroll down shrouded paths as we revisit 400 years of ghostly Island history. Encounter the haunts of tortured spirits and lost souls; lighthouse keepers and lifesavers, pirates and river pilots, beautiful women and desperate Civil War soldiers. Come face to face with a tapestry of personalities unmatched in the after world.

Required Show Dates: Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays 6/5-8/16

Rehearsal Date Range: May 14, 2018-June 4, 2018

AUDITIONS BY APPOINTMENT April 21 and 22 Audition contact listed at the bottom of page.

Audition Participants must come prepared with one 2-5 minute monologue. Actor has the choice of performing Dramatic or Comedic monologue.

Participants may also be asked to briefly improvise and demonstrate physicality.

Job Requirements:
Commitment to character
Projection and vocal control
Crowd leadership
Standing for more than 45 minutes
Walking in sand and brush
Some character-based improvisation


Q: What is a typical work week?
Drive to Southport in the afternoon
Take the company boat to the island
Help set up for “Sunset Celebration”- a street fair type event that typically takes place from 6:30-9PM Help break down “Sunset Celebration”
Stay the night on island
Tuesday & Wednesday
Go to your designated work for a scheduled shift
Enjoy free time on island
Prepare for the Ghost Walk
Lead a Ghost Tour
Stay the night on island
Go to your designated work for a scheduled shift
Enjoy free time on island
Prepare for the Ghost Walk
Lead a Ghost Tour
If so desired, take the company boat off island for your free weekend

Q: How will I be paid?
A: You will be paid a performance rate for each Ghost Walk and an hourly wage for your daytime Riverside Job

Q: Where will I work when not guiding a Ghost Walk?
A: Riverside Adventure Co. has plenty of opportunities to make money.
Whether your strength is working in a restaurant, retail, or recreation management, Riverside will find a place to best suit your skills. As a seasonal employee, we expect you to work a minimum of 18 hours a week, however, if you are eager to make money and gain experience there are plenty of opportunities to make the most of your time on island. Summer is the busy season, so an extra hand is always a helpful!

Q: Where will I stay on the island?
A: Housing is dorm-style. Your apartment is located behind the island’s grocery store. Your apartment will be shared by other Riverside Adventure Staff, and the apartment complex is home to the international exchange students. This is a great place to meet new friends and make lasting memories. You are not required to stay on island, however, it is suggested during your work week. This will be your space, so you are welcome to enjoy your free time on island when you are not working.

Q: How do I get to and from the island?
A: You will need to find transportation to and from Southport on the days you wish to commute.
The Riverside company boat runs intermittently throughout the day which is free for you to take to and from the island

Q: How do I get around the island?
A: Riverside Adventure Co will provide individual bicycles and shared golf carts! Nothing is better than pedaling your way through the palm covered lanes before hitting South Beach for some fun in the sun!

Q: How big is the island?
A: Bald Head Island is 4.8 miles long and 2 miles wide.

Q: What is there to do on the island?
A: Sunbathing, kayaking, fishing, sailing, biking, surfing, paddle boarding, nature walks, shopping, incredible star-gazing, bioluminescent phytoplankton viewing, and animal conservation just to name a few. Plus, there are plenty of perks to being a Riverside Employee!

To schedule an audition or for additional questions please contact:
Alissa Fetherolf